Our Story

Like any good start-up business, our story is filled with extreme highs and the lowest of lows. The difference between our story and other similar one’s is that we have somehow clawed our way out of the darkness and into the light through a mix of hard work, friendship, commitment to the vision of our business and a little bit of help from above.

MaxOut started out as a research program at the University of Florida in the 1990’s through 2007. 

In 2007 the inventor (a spinal surgeon) took the invention public and created MaxOut Strength Studios.  The business failed and both the business and the ownership of the technology (formerly called the MaxOut Tower) was purchased by two guys from suburban Philadelphia (Jason and Matt) and moved to Royersford, PA.

Our Branding

The first change made was to the branding. The current logo is vastly different from the original. The second major change and possibly the most important was to the workout programming. The original was archaic and offered minimal commercial appeal. To solve that problem, we brought in one of the best strength and conditioning experts in the world to write our programming – Mike Barwis (founder of Barwis Methods). Finally, and the most difficult to accomplish, was the MaxOut Tower needed to be redesigned and brought up to date with the most current in mechanical and computer capabilities.

From the time we re-opened MaxOut Strength Studio in Royersford in February of 2010 to today – we have been working hard to find the right combination of ingredients to make our vision of MaxOut Strength Studios opening across the country a reality. Just like most start-ups - we spent money in wrong places, tried to attract everybody instead of directing our offering to a specific demographic, had some really bad partners who hurt the company, allowed individual egos to get in the way of success and it nearly crippled us. But unlike a majority of start-ups, we stayed the course for one reason – we believed in what we had.   We had a device that delivered physical results unlike anything else on the planet. We also had the most scientifically advanced strength training programming ever written by the best expert on the planet. We knew it had to be saved.

Our Vision

The work that is done inside a MaxOut Studio has never failed. The workout we deliver to our clients is guaranteed to work. How we approach the human body is scientifically correct and we are saving lives by increasing each person’s ability to do more while protecting their muscular skeletal system from wear and tear injuries. Our failures were 100% located at the corporate level. And it needed to be fixed or we were going to die on the vine.

At the end of 2012, Jason and Matt decided enough was enough and they began fixing all that was broken. A complete overhaul was commenced and by the end of 2013, a clear vision and strategy was forged. Over the next 18 months, new partnerships were forged and strategic alliances were made. Our partnership with Paul Segreto and Franchise Foundry has allowed us to offer a new and exciting franchise business model servicing teens and young adults only. Our manufacturing ability was streamlined and our product is now flawless and the MaxOut Tower is now called The Barwis Methods Maxout Tower. But most of all, Jason and Matt stayed committed to the vision, to each other and to their legions of supporters. Today, the MaxOut Strength Studio you see is battle tested. It has been in the trenches and has emerged a better company because of those wars.   We are excited to offer our new MaxOut Strength Studio franchise model to the country and our commitment to each new location will be unwavering.